Why marketing your business in Auburn, Alabama needs a specific approach

If you speak to anyone who has lived here for any length of time, it's not uncommon to hear people say “Auburn is a special place.” There's no denying that. Auburn is unlike any other place for a number of reasons. Many of these qualities that make it so special are why we love it. There are some things in particular, however, that require us to operate our businesses a little differently in order to be successful here.

There are two main attributes of our community that warrant having a different marketing approach. The first is the larger percentage of young people in our population. The masses of college students who move for school, the recent graduates who stay, and the young families that move here for jobs and/or for our strong school system give our population a significantly younger average than most cities. With such a large portion of a community being so young, marketing can actually be easier for businesses because a more targeted approach will yield larger returns.

The second factor is the high population turnover. Auburn University is one of the largest employers in the state. People move here for school or work; some stay a while; and others move away, all while we have thousands of students being pulled in each fall. This population turnover is double the state average and warrants heavy consideration while forming your marketing strategy.

This blog aims to serve as a resource to small businesses in this area, offering dedicated articles to share news and/or ideas concerning these attributes and others to help your marketing efforts in our unique (and special) community.

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