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I’m back again, and sadly, the semester has ended. Time has flown by! My first semester at Auburn and first four months at Inner Spark Creative are coming to end. Through my first four months, I have learned more than I expected. I was able to sit in on pitches to clients, help develop marketing strategies for new clients, and research new marketing strategies to implement for existing clients. On top of all that, I was able to learn new facts about eyes, try delicious food, pin wedding infographics, and learn new #HairTipTuesdays.

My first four months at Inner Spark Creative have been very rewarding. I started this internship knowing slim to nothing about working for an ad agency. This was my first real world experience in a small company setting. As time went on, I slowly began to understand more and more. Tasks that were once foreign, like Hootsuite, became second-hand nature. I began to learn more about business jargon like “retainer” and “marketing plan.” The projects I have been able to work on are valuable skills to have when the time comes to start looking for a job (eek -- too soon!).

Looking forward to next semester is exciting! Inner Spark Creative will be refurnishing parts of the office, which in turn means I will have a desk of some type! As fun as it was to share the conference room with Jarrett, I think it will be nice to have separate spaces. Both of us chat more often than not. Other exciting news – I will no longer be the only intern! Kristen and Anna Kay will be in office more regularly, and that will be great. It will be nice to have other college students around! Next semester should be interesting, but we are all excited for the New Year! Happy New Year!

Thanks again for reading!
Cat Perez

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