Search engine optimization (SEO) changes regularly just like everything else on the Internet. First it was all about having the right keywords and site description, then it was all about link building, but the latest focus of SEO is "Site Authority."

This isn't something you can add some code to your site and fix. While Google's algorithm is still a closely guarded seceret, there are many factors that impact your "Authority." First, it's important for your site content to be well written, accurate, and unique. Correct HTML coding of your content is still important too.

Links still carry a lot of weight in SEO but not just any link, the right link. Under the Hummingbird algorithm, the wrong links can actually hurt your ranking. Links affect your authority so they need to be from pages that have some relevance to your content.

Your page authority is also impacted by the authority of the author of the page. Google now wants to know who created each page's content and that author builds credibility with each page or post that they author. The authority of the author follows them to the pages where their content is displayed.

In short, the ranking of pages is becoming more and more about having a quality site with quality and valuable content. This change is good for everybody, as long as you have a quality site. It means search engine users are more likely to find what they are looking for.

If you need help with your site or your site's SEO, give us a call.

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