Marketing to Millennials

We’ve all heard the terms coined to describe the “typical” millennial. The syntax echoes far and wide branding a generation to be entitled, lacking work ethic and having an attention span shorter than that of a fruit fly. Yet, they are the future. As an employer, business owner, or marketer it is important to note the qualities of a millennial that are beneficial to business growth and will boost your bottom line. The key to growing your business, especially in areas with a high concentration of millennials, is to tap into what truly makes a millennial and millennial.

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3 simple fixes to improve your business’s Facebook page

In this day and age, having a presence on social media is a must for every business. Not only do social media outlets help customers find your company and browse your services, but these pages can help develop a real brand identity. One that resonates with people and helps create a lasting impression.

However, simply having an account on these channels doesn’t necessarily help your cause. You should be utilizing all their productive features. For example, Facebook is a great platform to share the normal social media type postings, but can also be an incredible tool for driving people towards your website, answering questions, and increasing sales.

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How to provide good customer service in the social media sphere

As more consumers are using social media as their channel to voice complaints about businesses, it is important that businesses provide great customer service through the various social media platforms they use. Local businesses, especially, can benefit from timely customer service support on social media.

I experienced a huge social media mishap with Snapchat. My account was hacked, and I had no way of logging into my account since the hacker changed all of my login information. After moments of panic, I tried to reach out to Snapchat for help. The only forms of communication I could find for Snapchat were an electronic form to submit online as well as a Twitter account for Snapchat Support that I could directly message.

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Using LinkedIn as a Small Business

LinkedIn is one of those online platforms small business owners question using and, more importantly, how they can use it. However, you can use this site to create company leads, produce sales, and hire professionals to help your business grow.

If you want to understand how to use this platform more efficiently, here are some simple ways to achieve that:

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