Impact of Population Turn Over on Your Business

So how do you manage your business when you lose 10% of your clients every year? It's not easy but in Auburn, that is the norm. While Auburn would not necessarily be considered a "Transient" community, the population turn-over is nearly double that of the Alabama average.

The good news is that our population base is currently growing (more people move into Auburn than moving out).

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Why Twitter Is Fading Out

Twitter is no longer the social media site it used to be. In fact, it isn’t a social platform at all. According to the App store, Twitter is now considered to be a news outlet. Twitter originally began as a medium for sharing real-time updates about current events with friends and family. It has additionally served as a way to build brand identity, monitor public feedback, and express personal opinions.

Recently, Twitter has struggled to grow an active audience as the amount of daily users continues to decline coupled with a loss in sales. In the last three months of 2015 alone, Twitter lost a total of 2 million users. Stock prices plummeted by 41% from October 2015 to April 2016. Twitter also has been dealing with management issues following the company’s loss of its CEO and four top executives, including the media chief, engineering head, product senior vice president, and human resources head.

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Nike’s She Runs the Night Campaign

Auburn Advertising - marketing agency

Nike’s She Runs the Night campaign won a Media Federation of Australia (MFA) award for Best Integrated Media Campaign.

Although Nike is a large, multinational corporation, this case study can be applied to all businesses - even small, local ones.



In Nike’s case, its competitors were outselling the brand in female shoes.

Your Business

In a social media campaign, the “problem” doesn’t have to be as explicit as being outsold - it can be any issue a business wants to fix or a change a business wants to make. For example, in Auburn, a business could have any number of desires: Attract students Attract young couples Attract young families Attract tourists (people who visit Auburn for athletic events and potential students and their families)

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Does your small business need its own app?

Auburn Advertising - marketing agency

Your current and future customers look at their phones an average of 17 times a day to check their social media accounts totalling an average of 90 minutes a day of time spent looking at their phone’s screen. The target audience for your small business wants information about your brand at any time, from any place. Has your brand adopted solutions that allow your target audience or customer base to reach your product or service from their mobile devices such as their smartphones or tablets?

When considering the adoption of a mobile solution for your small business, begin with a goal in mind. Don’t be lured into paying for the development and maintenance of a mobile application (app) that no one will download or use unless you have identified why your small business should have its own mobile application.

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