3 Key Content Marketing Trends of 2019

As a marketing professional, it is important to stay up-to-date with the trends. Keeping content marketing strategy current will help you reach the most amount of viewers and gain more engagement from current and prospective customers because technological advances can change and progress from day to day. Keeping these developments contemporary is also important because as technology changes, as it often does, so do the preferences of your audience.

We are here to help you understand the current trends for this year by touching on some of the most popular content marketing trends of 2019.

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Understanding the Severity of False Advertising

Advertisements that make deliberate, deceptive, exaggerated claims that are misleading and untrue are well known as false advertising. Although this seems like a concept that is very easy to avoid, this practice actually very common. False advertising can be extremely detrimental to any business.

From retouching a photo to not disclosing hidden fees, false advertising can lead to huge problems for consumers.

There are many different ways one can achieve false advertising. Knowing the difference can really help with your brand and organization’s reputation.

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Communication Tips to Engage With Your Audience

Advertising is often used to evoke emotion from an audience and increase viewer engagement. When marketing to any audience, you want to consider the best possible way to engage and keep your client invested in your content. According to a national poll, nearly three-fourths of respondents expressed frustration at content that does not recognize them and adapt to their interests. Creating content that is specialized for your audience will increase your engagement drastically. Engagement is driven by emotions, loyalty, and trust, which means your marketing has a huge effect on if your customers will continue coming back to do business with you. Creating a connection between you and the client will increase your engagement across all platforms. Here are some communication tips to keeping your audience engaged with your marketing content!

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How To Track Customer Satisfaction

Without customers, a business would not be a business. In order for your company to function properly you need customers who are loyal to your brand. We live in a super-charged world, in which your customer will let you know immediately if they are unhappy with your product or service by sharing it on social media, or writing you a bad Google review. But, what about all of your happy customers? Or, the customers who might benefit from your product, but aren’t sure how to use it? These are the customers that matter, and it is important for your business to know how to track their satisfaction and analyze it in order to make adjustments where need be. Below are three of the best ways to track customer satisfaction in order to stay on top of the competition and see your company grow.

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