The Best Length for Your Social Media Captions

It is important to accurately portray your brand's voice throughout your various social media accounts within the captions. This will not only help you with your brand's cohesive voice but also help you reach a wider audience. Because every social media network has different requirements, it is important you are catering your captions to each network. While this does not mean making the exact word count, it will help you optimize the more effective caption and format for each platform. Three of the major social media networks used for advertising include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Why Knowing Your Audience Is So Important

You may have heard the term “target audience” before, but do you know what it means? Your target audience is a group of people that you’ve identified to be likely customers of your business. You can group these people by factors like demographics, behavioral patterns, geographic area, psychographics, etc. A business is likely to have more than one target audience. For example, if you own a clothing store, your target audience could be men above the age of 35 as well as women above the age of 25. However, many target audiences are more complex and niche.

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The Ultimate Guide to SEO

If you’re a business owner, or even just someone trying to increase their online presence, you may have heard the term SEO before. SEO is a very important tool to help your business grow, but do you know what it is? We’re handing over our ultimate guide to SEO so you can know how and why you should be using it to your benefit.

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