Facebook Pages: A 7-Year Free Trial.

Facebook Pages

Since November 2007, millions of businesses, from corporations such as McDonald's to locally owned mom-and-pop shops, have all enjoyed the invention of Facebook Pages. Social media in general, but specifically the Facebook Page, has been extremely valuable not only because of its targeting and tracking capabilities but also because it has eliminated the expense of one of the key ingredients of advertising: media costs. Traditionally, components of advertising look a lot like this:

Labor Costs + Media Costs = Total Advertising Expenses

Looking at it purely mathematically, it's mind blowing that businesses have been able to get articles, images, videos, and more in front of consumers in a location that people view daily!

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Welcome to AuburnAdvertising.com! This site is a community service to the businesses in the Auburn and Opelika area. Visit often for marketing tips and information that you can use to grow your business.
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Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics


We are fortunate to live in a time in which online interaction and customer engagement can be easily measured and monitored through social media analytics to gain knowledge about consumer behavior and buying habits. Social media analytics provide business and customer insights through the continuous process of observing and analyzing digital communications.


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What is Auburn Advertising?

Auburn Advertising is a public service of Inner Spark Creative, a full service advertising agency and marketing partner located in Auburn, Alabama. This site is intended to share information about advertising and marketing related topics that are useful to businesses in the Auburn/Opelika market of East Alabama

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We are a marketing and advertising agency that believes a good partnership and a strategic vision can help everyone have success in their business.

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