Word-of-mouth advertising is essential to driving everyday business and increasing positive brand awareness for every company. Customers engage with a business on a multitude of platforms and touchpoints and it is important to keep a positive reputation from social media to customer service. Driving positive word-of-mouth can be key to customer retention and acquisition. Using, for example, social media, you can create engaging content to drive the consumer's engagement with the brand on those platforms. Word of mouth advertising can make a big difference in the growth of your company.

Here are some key cornerstones to help increase positive word-of-mouth advertising:

Tap into value

As consumers, we remember experiences that were relatively average less frequently than we remember amazing or terrible ones. It is important for a reputable company to stay top-of-mind when a customer thinks of businesses that provide those amazing experiences. Tapping into the value of your company through its products, services and customer service can streamline how you market your value. Servicing a customer beyond what is expected of you can incorporate an added layer of value to your business and pleasantly surprise the customer. A customer has a network of friends and family that they will be more prone to recommend your business to if they have a great experience. At the core, providing great customer service requires insight into your values and purpose and providing the opportunity for your customers to experience to reflect that. Leverage the value your business gives to customers.

Emotional engagement

Creating content that produces an emotional reaction is more likely to instigate word-of-mouth advocating for a business. Engaging content that can result in an emotional reaction in the consumer is more likely to be remembered than just a regular sales push. When advertisements produce any type of emotional response it is easier to recall it because we can associate it with a feeling. Engaging content is a great stepping stone to developing a business’ online presence and reputation. Creating content that gets people talking provides your customers with great content they want to share. The more the content is shared by loyal customers, the more people are able to see and engage with your brand. Consumers want to believe and be a part of a company and a business beyond just their role as a customer.

Social currency

Social currency is the basic idea that people behave in reciprocal ways on social media platforms. If you provide your followers and customers with good content they are more likely to share that information to generate awareness for you. Reciprocity is important on social media, good content stems opportunities for people to share the content that provides value to them. Sharing what you think is important and content your customers would find intriguing can increase engagement. Posting unique creative content can help drive the customer to share the post, comment, like, subscribe or drive traffic to your website. Developing good content that makes people’s attention linger just a little bit longer can boost your brand’s image and social currency on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Know your audience

Authenticity is a major factor when trying to differentiate your business. Use marketing tactics and messaging that is unique to your company and your customer. Standing out from other companies in your market will draw the customers eye to your brand. Knowing what piques the interest of your customers will help you create content that is relevant to them. Content that is relevant to your customers will create an outlet for them to want to engage with it and share it.

Word-of-mouth is not as controllable as other forms of marketing but if the proper tactics are enacted it can help create a positive reputation across all customer touchpoints. Connection is the driving force between a brand and its customers. How a business develops and helps foster a positive connection with their customers is what makes them stand out above the rest. While it is hard to control what customers are saying about you, a business can facilitate the customer service and experience they provide to be a positive one. Letting your work and service speak for itself gives your customers a reason to speak on behalf of your company.

Getting new customers is vital to the growth of any business, but make sure that your current customers remain satisfied. Your existing customers and their recommendations are the catalysts to building your reputation and increasing your acquisition of new customers. New customers feel more comfortable taking a chance on companies they are not as familiar with if their current customers are pleased with the results they are getting. Word of mouth marketing can be one of the most effective marketing strategies if done correctly, using these tips can be a helpful step in the right direction.

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