In this day and age, having a presence on social media is a must for every business. Not only do social media outlets help customers find your company and browse your services, but these pages can help develop a real brand identity. One that resonates with people and helps create a lasting impression.

However, simply having an account on these channels doesn’t necessarily help your cause. You should be utilizing all their productive features. For example, Facebook is a great platform to share the normal social media type postings, but can also be an incredible tool for driving people towards your website, answering questions, and increasing sales.

Here are three simple fixes to improve your business’s Facebook page. These won’t take much time, and won’t cost anything!

CTA button

Most people overlook the importance of having a functioning and relevant call to action button, also known as the CTA button. This button appears on the top, right hand side of your page, just underneath your cover photo. In this prominent spot, and highlighted in a different color, the CTA button can get a lot more clicks than you may think, so it’s important to make those clicks count.

Hover over the button and select edit. From there, Facebook will give you a number of options for results you’d like to see from this button such as getting more people to contact you, book services, or learn about your business. Depending on what you choose, you’ll be able to do all sorts of things such as directing people to a website, starting a message for them, or prompting them to download your app.

After deciding which area is best for your business, simply click through the next few steps, to update how your button displays, and the exact action it performs when clicked.

Message response rate

It is more important now than ever to portray your business as one that cares about their customers, and actively engages with them. An easy way to communicate that you are actively involved with your followers is by working on your message response rate. Your message response rate and time will be displayed if you respond to 75% or more of the messages you receive, and do so in an average of under one day.

While those numbers sound daunting, there are ways to help increase your responsiveness and average time without sitting by the computer all day. Your current response rate and time should be displayed lower down on the right side of your page in grey letters. Click that link to open message settings.

From that settings page, you can turn on automatic responses that will instantly reply to anyone who sends you a message letting them know that you’ll be with them soon. This helps your response time and your response rate. You can also let Messenger know when you’re away, and it won’t count any messages received in that time period against your time or rate.

By working on your responsiveness, you encourage people to message and interact with your page, which in the end, should drive sales and encourage people to seek more information.

Page layout

Depending on the type of business you run, Facebook provides several templates that help you to maximize the page functionality. Most business pages are set to default, so in order to change the layout, go to settings, and select templates and tabs. From there, you should see the name of what you’re currently using, and a button that says edit.

Click on the edit button to browse options from restaurant pages, to politician pages, to non-profits, and more. Depending on what you select, Facebook will prompt you to customize and order the tabs that appear on the left side of the page under the profile picture. Remember when structuring these tabs to keep the most important, and most lucrative tabs toward the top of the page since those will receive more clicks than the information listed at the bottom.

Facebook is definitely evolving, which means as businesses, there are more beneficial features than ever before. While these quick fixes will help your page, it’s important to stay up to date and research new offerings or changes.
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