Facebook Live Video for Your Business

The year 2016 introduced Live videos to Facebook users. Viewers probably tuned in with Fox News to watch coverage of the Presidential Inauguration or were the first to see the Chewbacca Mom become a social media sensation. Facebook has brought a new feature to live streaming videos. Users might be more familiar with the livestream video app Periscope, but Facebook Live video offers new capabilities, which is why individuals and businesses are “going live” to build their brands.

Facebook Live video- what is it?

Facebook Live is a new feature to stream live videos at the touch of your fingertips. It is available to iOS and Android users online or in the app. When an individual or page uses Facebook Live, the video will pop up on the news feed and the broadcaster’s page. A flashing red light with the word “live” written next to it will appear at the top left corner when a live video is broadcasting.

So how will people know to tune into your live video? Facebook will notify your followers when you are live. You can subscribe to Live on your favorite news page or to your favorite celebrity so you won’t miss when they broadcast a live video. Also, you may receive a Live notification from someone you regularly interact and engage with.

Facebook Live videos are prioritized in a news feed, so most likely you will see a Live video at the top of your page when one is broadcasting. With a strong Wi-Fi connection, a broadcast can last up to four hours. After the broadcast is over, the video will be published to your page, or you can delete it later.

Pros of going “live”

Facebook Live video has marketing advantages that can be beneficial to businesses. Facebook Live provides a gateway to sharing authentic content in real-time and creates a real and transparent connection to your followers. In modern day marketing, marketers are emphasizing strategies to humanize their brands and logos. Live practices this by revealing the people behind brands and logos, tearing down barriers and allowing you to connect with your followers on a personal level. A key bonus of Facebook Live is it allows broadcasters to offer quick ideas or a behind-the-scenes look at your business in an instant. It cuts down the time needed to record a video, share it, tweet it or write a blog post about it. The reward of creating an up-close look at your brand grabs people’s attention and grows your audience.

Cons of going “live”

Broadcasting anything via technology or the web has its risks. Technology cannot always be reliable, so using a webcam or a camera phone risks technical issues that could prevent your viewers from having a quality video. Another risk you take with a real-time video is there isn’t much room for error. Going live without preparation could result in awkward transitions and a poor deliverance of your message. On Live, viewers can leave comments on the videos that show up instantly, but you risk negative feedback for other followers to see.

If your business is interested in growing your audience and building brand awareness, Facebook Live presents many opportunities in this area for marketing. Deciding whether this tool would be productive for your business may depend on if your business is lacking customer engagement and you are looking to boost it. On the other hand, if you are confident in your customer loyalty then the time investment might not be right for your business. Looking at your customer base can help you decide whether Facebook Live videos would the right choice for your business.

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