Breaking through the Clutter

Getting your product’s advertising to break through the clutter can seem impossible in the 21st century. An advertisement’s main job is to inform or persuade a potential customer to buy your product while simultaneously standing out from the other thousands of messages they receive daily. In order to stand out from the message overload, an advertiser must produce content that resonates with the consumer. Content marketing distributes content that is relevant and interesting to the consumer, rather than just sales pitches.

Pushing your product constantly on social media platforms would exhaust a consumer. That method may get your brand or product across, but it’s a good way to get muted or blocked. That isn’t to say that all content relating to selling your brand should be omitted, but it shouldn’t be the only content. Mixing in stories about the company’s employees, or local events happening, will intrigue your customers. Content marketing allows a company to show its brand’s values and personality. It can also be an opportunity to converse with customers and build rapport. People do business with people. A customer will be more inclined to do business with a company that they are able to have a conversation with.

Successful content marketing is not just putting out interesting stories. The content should relate to the brand or company. If the content does not relate to the product, the customer will receive a great story and go about their day not remembering the product. The content has entertained them but has not enticed a sale. Understanding what content to use will require research on what the target audience would like to know and what interests them.

Consumers have more buying power than ever before. Having a good product and stating the benefits of it may not be sufficient enough anymore. Giving customers relevant content to interact with will help build brand loyalty and trust.

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