Facebook's Instant Articles is a new, innovative way for publishers to create fast, interactive articles. This new tool is working to bring stories and articles to life. Facebook wanted to create a tool that helps articles load instantly. They are looking to provide a faster and cleaner experience for readers? Instant Articles contains a number of features that take mobile reading to a new level.

Instant Articles was created as a solution for the loading problem that was occurring opening articles on Facebook. Now, articles load instantly. They now load 10 times quicker in the Facebook app compared to the standard mobile web.

Interaction features is a major key with this tool. Image interaction just got bigger. Instant zoom features allows you to get a better look into high-resolution photos. The tilt feature also allows you to pan across a photo to help create more of a story. High-resolution auto-play video immediately plays as you scroll through the article. The interactive map feature shows you the exact spot a photo was taken. You can also hear the author's voice with embedded video captions. Facebook has made sure that this model helps a brand represent what they want.

Only 18 publications participated in the trial run. Some of those include major publications such as The New York Times, Buzzfeed, National Geographic, NBC News, The Washington Post and more. Summer Anne Burton, Editorial Director of Buzzfeed, praised the tool saying, "Being able to watch a video seamlessly, I think it's actually really refined here and it's actually a very beautiful experience."

Those who like to share on Facebook will love this new way of reading. It will ultimately change the game of online reading and sharing. This creates not only a better quality experience for readers, but brings upon better interaction with the content the publication releases.

This feature will be available to all publications during Facebooks F8 Conference on April 12.

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