We hear it all too often...

A business owner knows that his business needs to do more advertising. He puts it off and puts it off. Then one day a salesman comes in with a great deal advertising in some obscure place. It needs to be done, here is an opportunity...Impulse buy!

This type of media buying almost never yields a positive return on your investment. Is it because these salesmen are selling sub-quality advertising opportunities? Sometimes, but the main problem with this scenario is the lack of a marketing plan.

Effective advertising always starts with a plan. With a plan, you can measure each advertising opportunity to see if it fits your plan, how it fits your plan, and if it is within your plan's budget.

There will always be some element of risk in any advertising but "impulse buying" almost guarantees a poor return on your advertising dollar.

So, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Know your target demographic.
  • Create a written plan to effectively reach your audience.
  • Include media and advertising opportunities along with a budget and optimal timing.
  • Stick to the plan. Never spend advertising budget on things that don't fit your plan.
  • Keep track of where your new clients come from so you can measure your "direct response" results.
  • Adjust the plan regularly to improve your return on your investment.

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