There are many different ways advertising can help your business. Depending on your product or service, and target audience, your advertisements might be different. You can use various types of advertising when trying to advertise your product, but you can also combine them. Here are the four most common types of advertising:

1. Print Advertising

The first print advertisement ran in 1472 in England, and since then this has become a popular form of advertising. Print advertising includes newspapers, magazines, brochures, billboards, flyers, and more. These can be portable methods of carrying a brand’s message to its targeted audience. The advertiser pays a publisher to publish their ad. They also can use the help of a graphic designer to design the advertisement.

2. Radio Advertising

Radio advertising began in the 1920s when the first radio was launched in the United States. Today, radio advertising is still relevant, but it is not as successful. This form of advertising means the advertiser pays the radio station to pay for their ad during commercial breaks.

3. Television Advertising

Television advertisements began in the 1940s. They originally were promoting practical items and political campaigns. Today, we use TV advertising to promote a variety of different products such as food, toys, stores, services, and much more. You can have ads on local and national TV. To purchase this kind of advertising you will pay the national or regional television station to play the ad during commercial breaks.

4. Internet Advertising

Internet advertising began in the mid-1990s with the launch of banner advertisements for different telecommunications companies. Using this method, the advertiser pays the website owner to display their banner ad. Today, internet advertising includes video, search engine optimization, social media posts, and much more.

Advertising has evolved dramatically since it began and continues to change as new trends arise. Depending on the brand and voice you are trying to portray for your company, the way you advertise may be different. When ads first came out they were more straight and to the point, but now people are giving advertisements more personality based on their brand’s voice.

How Advertising Has Helped These, Now, Well Known Brands:

Coca-Cola: Share a Coke

This type of print advertising was a large and successful campaign for coke. Large companies are often expected to come up with groundbreaking campaigns. Coke appealed to a mass audience of people by putting names on bottles of coke. The “Share a Coke” campaign began in Australia in 2011 when Coke added the 150 most common names to their bottles and cans. After that campaign took off the United States adopted its ideas. Now, you can even order custom Coke bottles with names and even college logos on them. This was a breaking story in the marketing industry. Everyone wanted to go find a Coke with their name on it.

Nike: Just Do It

The Nike Just Do It campaign consists of print, television, and internet advertisement. A long time ago Nike only targeted marathon runners. In the 1980s Reebok was selling more shoes than Nike, so they created the “Just Do It” campaign. This campaign was so successful because it encouraged everyone to exercise, not just marathon runners. It is a slogan to help motivate people when they feel tired or discouraged. Don’t want to go for a walk? Just do it. Don’t want to go to your exercise class? Just do it. It was a great hit for Nike’s marketing. In 1988 Nike’s sales were around $800 million and by 1998 the sales had increased to $9.2 billion.

Google: Year in Search

This type of internet advertising just shows us how much we need/use Google. This advertisement began in 2009 and has continued every year. At the end of the year, there is a written report of the most searched words. Google creates a three-minute video to display how much we depend on Google for news and information.

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This type of internet and television ad was first launched in February 2010. The commercial surpassed over 51 million views. In June 2010, Old Spice launched another commercial with the same actor, Isaiah Mustafa, and he quickly became known as “Old Spice Guy.” Old Spice soon capitalized on this campaign and would have Mustafa interact with fans in an interactive video campaign where he would respond to fans' comments on social media with personalized videos. In only two days, Old Spice had created 186 personalized videos which gained around 11 million views. From this campaign, Old Spice gained around 29,000 Facebook fans and 58,000 new Twitter followers. Because Old Spice was able to keep its fans engaged, this was an extremely successful campaign for the company.

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