Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of all time and there are endless ways to get your business prepared. While this time of year isn’t as busy as Christmas or back-to-school season, there are still ways to incorporate this spooky holiday into your marketing strategy to expose your brand. And don’t worry! You don’t have to produce strictly Halloween-themed products to use these ideas. Millions of people get excited about this holiday each year, and some even start planning months in advance. There are some simple, yet effective, ways to catch the attention of those shoppers and get your name out there. In a short time, you could increase your sales using these tips to add some spookiness to your business plan.

Spook Up Your Branding

Your brand is one of the key components of your business, so making it fit in with the Halloween spirit is a great way to show your customers that you’re special. One simple way to include some spooky elements to this could be by adding small adjustments to your logo design. If there’s room, consider putting a cobweb or bat in the background for some fun. Seeing this will excite your customers for the holiday and increase their chances of engaging with your brand. Take Reese’s for example. Their packaging and brand modifications reflect Halloween when the time comes, giving this iconic candy something new.

For smaller companies, you could send out themed goodie bags to loyal clients that include some Halloween candy, business cards, special deals, and more that will help you advertise. You should also add a small thank you note for doing business with you, showing that you value them. If possible, participate in Trick-or-Treating and take the opportunity to connect with new people. Even if you can’t have Trick-or-Treaters, decorate your office space with your colleagues and upload photos to your social media pages.

Incorporate Halloween into Social Media

As you probably know, using social media is a proven way to lead your business to success. There are more online users now than ever before, and that means you shouldn’t leave them out of the holiday spirit. Many people use social media to find inspiration around Halloween, whether for costumes or makeup, so there will be more traffic. To catch people’s attention, use puns in your titles and get creative with your profile pictures and banners. Like your logo, making some fun changes to your profile could make someone more drawn to clicking your page.

On your website, change the coloring of your background or play with the different fonts that match Halloween. Hide prizes around your online pages that customers can find and redeem for special offers. A wonderful example of this is when fine jeweler, Kendra Scott, hides pumpkins around her website which lead shoppers to discounts on their purchase. Doing this keeps your audience engaged with your content and gives them the chance to explore your platforms. Using Halloween in your online marketing plan is a smart way to get your business out there in a positive light.

Go to Local Holiday Events

Halloween provides plenty of opportunities for local advertising, depending on the location of your business. If there are activities being hosted in your area, take advantage and offer to help out or find ways to gain more exposure for your brand. Representatives of your company could pass out business cards, promotional deals, and more information about who you are to make your name known around town. If you have a group of offices and businesses around you, consider working together to make your own event for this spooky day. Holidays, whether Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, are a time for people to come together and make connections, so being involved will show your audience that you value this area.

Create a Halloween Contest

Customers enjoy being able to engage with brands they admire, and giveaways or contests are an easy way to give them this opportunity. Hosting a costume contest in your office or making up some fun games to play with colleagues and clients are a couple of creative ideas. You may decide to make the winning prize a discounted item from your store, a limited-time deal on a service, or something free. Besides, who doesn’t like free stuff? This will let your customers learn more about your business and can give you some insight as to how many people are interested in what you produce. Gift cards are another easy idea for prizes, especially because, statistically, those who use a gift card to shop tend to spend more than the amount that’s on the card.

Use Halloween Themed Email Templates

If you aren’t using emails to send promotions and news to your existing customers, you’re missing out. Email marketing has grown in popularity over the years and has proven to help businesses get the attention of loyal clients and spark people to take action. Halloween-themed templates can make you stand out as more fun and will likely grab the attention of your audience if they’re scrolling through their inbox. Make sure you aren’t changing the frequency with which you send emails because this could impact how well your customers react. It’s recommended that, if you choose to use these templates, you start at the end of September and stop once Halloween ends. Add some graphics around the page like bats, cobwebs, or pumpkins to really get in the scary spirit.

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