Websites tend to set the foundation for a company or business, giving customers access to all the information they need. As more websites are released each day, it’s important to understand how to make yours stand out among the rest. Having a great website is the best way to advertise your brand and gain exposure on all platforms. There are many elements that go into creating an effective site that will grab a viewer’s attention, and when you design yours, these are some things to consider including.

Easy Navigation

Putting your audience first will guarantee you more exposure when it comes to website design. Having too many words or chunky paragraphs can turn away a viewer and make it difficult for some to keep track of certain content. Your website reflects your business, so making sure it looks uniform and organized is likely to bring in more customers or clients. Select a layout that looks simple and will display your brand easily.

Similarly, it can be beneficial to break up your information and resources into separate links so it doesn’t take anyone too long to find what they’re looking for. With social media beginning to shorten our attention spans, nobody wants to scroll through one long page of text to find what they need. With that being said, avoid using too many links because it could make your site look crowded or confusing. Many people lean towards websites that have visuals, so using icons and graphics will also help point your audience in the right direction.

Mobile-Friendly Version

Most websites are designed around a desktop screen, which used to be one of the only screens you could access one on. Today, however, over 57% of website traffic is through mobile phones, rather than computers. This shift has caused a lot of companies and organizations to reconsider some aspects of their marketing strategies. Making a website with a mobile-friendly version for smartphones and tablets is proven to give you a better chance of being discovered and reaching your target audience.

Phones are much easier and more accessible than laptops or computers, which is why most people prefer to browse the internet through them. It can be frustrating to open a website only to find you have to zoom out or rearrange your screen for it to fit properly. Having this ready ahead of time will ensure that you don’t run into problems after receiving a comment or complaint from someone else. A recent update by Google also checks the responsiveness of a website towards mobile devices when preparing its results for users.

Visual Design

Creating a website with a good visual design is one of the key elements that will make you stand out among others. Some things to think about when designing include the fonts you use, what types of images and graphics to display, and how much space to leave in order to avoid too much crowding. The visuals of a website are something that should be discussed ahead of time and incorporated into your online marketing plan.

If your brand has a color scheme, it could be beneficial to use those colors throughout your webpage and create a consistent layout. Consistency will make your information appear uniform and organized, which is how you want people to view your company or business. On top of this, when someone views your website for the first time, you want to leave a positive and lasting impression. Include pictures that correspond to certain pages or pieces of information to divide text and help readers visualize.

About Us Page

Advertising your website correctly is the first step to bringing you more success, but many users have expressed that they find it important to view an About Us page to gain a better understanding of who they may work with. This gives you the chance to express your goals and share some of the values your business might hold. If you have a team, including testimonials and stories of their success could bring you more engagement from potential clients.

Another element you may want to add to this page could be reviews from those who have worked with you before. Many people prefer to work with a business that has been highly spoken of or recommended, so having this experience readily displayed on your website will increase your chances of being contacted. It also establishes credibility and trust with your viewers, which is a crucial aspect you want your company to have.


This is an important element that lots of companies fail to include in their marketing strategy, and works to grow your company’s audience and exposure in search results online. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is something you should consider when putting together an effective website. It is rare that people click through multiple pages of Google search results, for example, because most of the time you can find what you’re looking for within the first few links.

In order to make your website show up in more results and advertisements, include popular tags, keywords, and links that are trending in searches at the time or within your industry. It could be beneficial to work with an advertising agency during this stage because they have experience and tend to have professionals in that area who want to help your company find success, just like you. SEO is definitely a big part of any website, especially as more consumers use the internet to find companies that meet their needs.

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