One of the toughest parts of social media for any business is coming up with new, fresh content. It is so important to have engaging content in order to connect with your audience and foster relationship and brand loyalty. It can never hurt to have content ideas ready for whenever you seem to be in a social media rut and need something to grab the attention of your followers. To help you get inspiration for new content, we have gathered 8 simple but engaging ideas for social media posts.

1. Testimonials

A positive service review or customer testimonial is something worth bragging about. While keeping your social media feed interesting, testimonials also build trust for your brand and can even serve as referrals to help bring in new customers. Another benefit of sharing these reviews is that they provide explanations of your product or service from an outside perspective. This can change up the way your company is presented since it is always coming from the business itself.

2. Giveaways

If you’re looking to get your followers’ attention, you can’t go wrong with a giveaway or contest. Giveaways encourage reposting and sharing which is a great and simple marketing technique for your business. Depending on how many followers participate, having contestants repost and share your original content as part of giveaways could do as much as double your following. Giveaways also boost engagement on your profile which will more than likely increase website traffic and conversions.

3. Social Media Takeovers

Having a new face take over your social media stories for the day is a great way to refresh your feed. This usually involves having an influencer or another employee control your social media channels for a short period of time, but it could also mean having a client briefly take over to provide insight into what your business has done for them. When these people tell their followers they will be taking over your account, your account can reap the benefits of increased engagement, followers, and ultimately consumer base.

4. Questions & Answers

Hosting Q&A’s on your account will benefit both your business and your audience. Whether it’s done via live stream, stories, or basic posts, this type of content allows you to answer common questions all at once rather than individually responding to the same question over and over again. Hosting a Q&A session also promotes brand authenticity and establishes a connection with your followers since they are getting real-time responses.

5. Series

Creating a social media series does not have to be done all at once. Establishing a series can be done through daily posts or can extend over time through posts that occur as little as once a month. Series provide the opportunity for interaction with both previous and potential new customers. They also give customers a reason to come back for more.

Creating a series could mean highlighting a product or service, providing a getting to know the team members, or a day-in-the-life segment of employees. The opportunities are endless. Whatever content you choose, providing a consistent series for your followers to look forward to viewing can create general excitement and a sense of community for your brand.

6. Repost Content

Many people think that reposting content is something you shouldn’t do, but it can actually be very beneficial. By slightly changing up the caption or adding additional information, your business can easily repurpose content. For example, you can easily change up the graphic or the social caption on a post that links back to a previously posted blog. According to Hubspot, 50% of articles receive eight shares or less on social media. Repurposing your content will not only prevent your followers from getting bored of your feed, but also give your older posts more of the attention they deserve.

7. Sneak Peeks

One way to keep your feed exciting and get your audience interested in a new product or service is to post sneak peeks and previews. To do this you could conduct something as simple as an instagram story countdown to keep your followers on their toes about an upcoming announcement, or you can post video content that showcases a new product you will soon be releasing. Providing a preview about what’s to come will inevitably keep your followers engaged and coming back.

8. Trends

Take advantage of trends on social media. Posting content that is presently trending on social media will keep your brand name relevant to consumers and top-of-mind. Being aware of what is trending on social media will help you figure out the most effective areas to focus your energy on to create the greatest return on your social media investment. Users are going to be interested in content that is relevant and up to date, so keeping up with trends is essential.

As your business’ social following grows, your content quality becomes more and more important. Whenever you feel like you’re out of content ideas to post, keep these ideas in mind to keep your feed exciting. These topics will ensure your audience is engaged and entertained.

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