LinkedIn can be an integral part of your business’ social media marketing plan. The LinkedIn network allows businesses to generate more leads, build connections, and ultimately continue to build their brand. Through LinkedIn, your business can gain significant exposure and increase your website traffic. Take your business to the next level with insight into businesses’ online networking platform to help you build your brand with LinkedIn.

Increase Online Presence

Building your brand on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to increase your presence not only on the network itself, but on search engines as well. Enhancing your search engine visibility is essential in a successful online marketing strategy. LinkedIn provides many ways to position yourself to move up in search rankings.

Your profile should include detailed information along with keywords relevant to your brand. It is important to include company details including links to previous content to increase traffic to your website. To make your business more likely to find, you need a strong ‘about’ section. LinkedIn recommends the following framework to use when working on this area of your business’ profile:

  • Vision. What future do we want to help create?
  • Mission. How do we create that future?
  • Values. Who are we? How do we work?
  • Positioning. What makes our brand different?
  • Tagline. Our brand summed up in one line.
  • Products/Services. Here’s what we provide.

Generate Leads

With a little strategic thinking, your business can make the most out of its LinkedIn platform and generate more leads. Creating and publishing articles on the network itself can provide credibility for your brand and allow for content to be placed on members’ feeds for them to see. Posting consistently is another way to keep your brand name top-of-mind and relevant to the connections you’ve built.

Joining groups on LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement for your brand. After joining groups and fostering a relationship with members, you can then market your business or even answer questions to promote your expertise within the group. Additionally, engaging with current client’s pages on LinkedIn is a great tactic in finding new leads. This makes clients more likely to refer your brand to someone else.

Define Your Audience

In order to effectively advertise on LinkedIn, it is essential to know and understand your target audience. Try connecting with people on LinkedIn who have previously shown interest in your business or in competitors within the market. LinkedIn makes it easy to see what types of content and brands people are keeping up with. With this platform, businesses can narrow their audience down based on specific information such as the exact job position of a person who would typically engage with their content or purchase from them.

It is important in any marketing plan to understand your target audience and focus on creating content that caters to them. When creating ads for LinkedIn, businesses can choose from templates on the network with targeting options such as small business owners, human resource professionals, members with a Bachelor’s degree, and so many more. Another useful tool on LinkedIn is the lookalike audience feature. This tool combines the characteristics of your ideal customer and their membership information to expand your audience and find users with similar characteristics.

Recruit New Talent

Since LinkedIn is designed as a professional network, it is no surprise that it is one of the top sources that businesses use to recruit new hires. Joining networking groups on the platform allows you to connect with potential employees and post job openings to relevant feeds. In addition, LinkedIn gives businesses the chance to show candidates what they have to offer as an employer and what they are all about. Employee testimonials, consistent graphics posts, and purpose-driven content are all great ways to promote your business on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn gives businesses the chance to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and network with like-minded businesses. Whether you’re looking for a new star employee or to sell your latest product, you can build your brand on LinkedIn.

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