Who is Gen Z?

Gen Z is a generation that has grown up with social media and the internet, making them immune to traditional marketing strategies and campaigns. Knowing how to create content that is fresh, engaging, and exciting is one of the most important factors for marketing to Gen Z. With a deeper knowledge of these new media platforms and ways to create interactive content, you will have Gen Z’s attention in no time. Here are some of the key strategies to make that happen:

Get Familiar With New Social Platforms

With the expedient growth of social media, there have been a number of new platforms emerging. In order to effectively market your product or service to Gen Z, it is important that you really understand the ins-and-outs of how to work them.

Play around with different features that the platforms offer and figure out ways to utilize these. Tik Tok is an app that is currently highly trending, and although it may seem like that may not be a platform for you there is always potential to grab an audience's attention. By using these platforms that Gen Z loves and heavily uses you have the ability to increase your chances of them purchasing your product and recognizing your brand.

Focus on The Experience

Gen Z is more interested in the experience that your product or service can provide them with rather than just the product itself. When creating content to market to Gen Z try to make your product or service have an intangible feeling associated with it. By doing this, you are able to touch the audience on an emotional side and allow them an opportunity to vision themself with the item and the feeling it will invoke.

Engage, Engage, Engage

One of the things that Gen Z values most on social media is frequent engagement. Having interactive content that gives your audience an opportunity to feel like they are a part of an experience and they associate that with your brand. By actively engaging with potential customers, your brand is more likely to remain on their mind.

As mentioned, Gen Z has a small attention span when it comes to what they see online. So engage with them in fun creative ways like weekly newsletters, creating polls for them to respond to, responding to comments, etc. This active engagement could not only bring on a sale, but it could also create a community of customers who value your brand.

Be Transparent

Being transparent is one of the best ways to allow customers to gain trust in your brand. Gen Z is all about doing their research by diving deep into a brands website, social media, and reviews. If you want to stand out and be a brand that this generation views as trustworthy, loyal, and worth their time then it is best to hold your brand accountable and be transparent. If one of your customers has an issue with a product, address it and own up to the issue. Make sure that your business is portraying the values and ideals that it stands for, because Gen Z values the consistency.

Show Your Brand’s Personality

Gen Z is a generation that you have to keep on their toes. This requires making your brand one that is attention grabbing and unique...So, show your brand’s personality. This generation is big on aesthetics and content that is curated perfectly. Letting your creative side show and not being afraid to be bold and creative is an absolute must for marketing to Gen Z. This could be curating a feed using unique & bright photos, or having a bold logo that instantly stands out to your audience. Setting yourself apart from other brands will make you stand out and draw in Gen Z.

Give Your Brand Purpose

Generation Z cares about issues in the world and environment among many other things, so it is important to give your brand a purpose other than making money. It is important to this generation that a brand is socially and environmentally responsible. A way to do this is think back to your company’s core values and find a way to incorporate those to do something for the betterment of society. Maybe it could be donating a sum of your profits to a charity or maybe it is just switching a certain product to ones that are more environmentally friendly. By finding a purpose that resonates with your brand’s values and expressing that, Gen Z’s attention will be drawn to your business.

When it comes to marketing it is always so important to understand your audience from the inside-out. Doing research and understanding new trends is vital in order to make sure that your marketing tactics and strategies are effective and efficient. Gen Z is a unique generation, but with enough research and creativity you can market to them successfully.

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