With all the chaos of 2020, we saw the emergence of many new digital trends and platforms. Now, it’s 2021 and these innovative marketing trends are not going anywhere. Don’t let your business fall behind! Here are four ways to always keep up with current marketing trends in 2021:

Focus on online growth

Last year, majority sales moved to online, and that is something that will not be changing any time soon. In 2021, your company’s online presence is everything. One way to stay on top of that is to really focus on the online growth of your business.

Nowadays, if your company is not online...you basically don’t exist. So, get creative and have fun with it. Whether it may be looking into designing a new website or getting your business started on a whole new digital platform. Figure out what platforms are most relevant to your audience and act on that. Focus on social media engagement, email marketing, and outstanding online customer service. Put that effort in for online growth. By staying on top of your digital presence in 2021, you will see a growth of customers and possibly increase of customer retention.

Capitalize on change

How many times have we heard “return to normal” within the past year? Too many to even count. Another thing that you should do to stay on trend with marketing in 2021 is capitalize on the changes that are happening. Show your customers that your company is adaptable and can face the changes that come with 2021 in unique ways.

Change can be a scary thing, but showing your customers that you can put an innovative spin on it will go a long way. Consumer behavior is constantly evolving and changing, especially in 2021. So, your marketing approach should change as well. Think about practical ways to appeal to your customers during a time when there is a lot of change happening, such as Covid-19, and take action. Whether it be offering a new product or service that would be relevant to current changes, or simply utilizing a new form of digital technology to increase communication with customers. Think of changes as a challenge and tackle them.

Concentrate on User Generated Content

Modern consumers want to know exactly what they are getting before they order it. That is why user generated content is so beneficial. User generated content is videos, images, reviews, or any content generated by consumers rather than the brand itself. So what’s the big deal about UGC? It showcases brand loyalty and puts the customers first.

People are more likely to trust other people, and that is why UGC is so successful. This user generated content is authentic, cost effective, and allows an opportunity to create a community for your brand. By using UGC you bring your audience together and allow your brand to flourish. This is an awesome way to produce content while also boosting the credibility of your business.

Make Content Easy-To-Consume

This generation is all about quick and efficient. Producing content that is easily accessible like podcasts, newsletters, or video and live-stream will satisfy consumers in 2021. By making your content easy-to-consume, your audience is way more likely to stay focused and stick around.

People have short attention spans, especially Gen Z. No one really wants to look or scroll though something that is too lengthy and wordy. It is important to make sure you create content that is thoroughly informative but is also easy for consumers to navigate. So, get to the point, make your content easy to navigate, and utilize visuals. Simplicity and minimalism is a must for 2021.

Crush the New Year

Don’t let yourself fall behind on the marketing trends of this constantly evolving digital age. If you think you may need some help with creating content that is fresh and up-to-date, then give us a call! Inner Spark uses the latest tools and technology to ensure that your business is ahead of the market. Now, lets crush 2021.

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