Advertising is comparable to a competitive sport; lot’s of players on the field but only one spot for the person (or website) on the top. With digital platforms being the best place for most businesses to advertise, the traffic that each channel receives from those searching for a product and companies publishing ad content often cause things to get lost in the mix or ads to get overlooked.

Knowing how to properly create and place your advertising in front of the eyes of the ideal audience is important to ensure your marketing dollars are not wasted and you maximize your return on investment. Here is an overview of Google Ads to help determine if they are the best marketing tool for your business.

What they are

Google Ads. You’ve probably seen and heard of them but might not truly understand what they are. These ads are a type of advertising that is categorized as a pay-per-click ad which means that every time someone clicks on the ad, you pay. They typically appear at the top of your page when a google search is done and can be distinguished from other search results by the small ad icon under the webpage link title.

The Benefits

According to smallbizgenuis, people who click on ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase. Google ads give your website the ability to rise to the top of the search page, therefore, pushing your competitors lower. When your ads land in front of more eyes, they drive clicks to your website which gives you the opportunity to entice them with a product or service. Since just one Google Ad has the ability to convert someone who knows nothing about your business to a lifelong customer it is no wonder that they are such a popular marketing tool.

How to be a Google Ads expert

  • Don’t waste clicks. As a pay per click marketing channel, you want to ensure that the money you spend on clicks is money well spent. Ensuring that your ads make sense and properly portray what you are trying to promote will help avoid any clicks simply caused by confusion. Making your ads clear to understand is the best way to entice audience members who are most likely to make a purchase.
  • Get specific. The keywords you choose significantly impact who your ads are served to. When keywords are too broad your ads will be served to a less specific audience which may cause you to spend money on clicks that do not have any return. Utilizing specific keywords to target consumers that you feel are your best fit or most likely to do business is the best way to use Google Ads
  • Keep the momentum. If your Google Ad is enticing, appealing, and served to an ideal audience, clicks will result. But just because someone clicks through to your website or landing page doesn’t mean that they will do business, especially if the page they land on does not meet their expectations. Marketing is one giant puzzle, every piece should fit together. Ensuring that whatever your Google Ad connects to matches or exceeds expectations is the best route for success.

Google ads can be a very impactful and beneficial marketing tool if used correctly. When served to the correct audience with a strong call to action, they can help drive business significantly.

It’s important to remember when choosing where to allocate your budget, that marketing tools are best when combined with one another in order to build a strong foundation and unified front. When looking to curate an overall marketing plan, reach out to a professional to ensure that your dollars are being spent in the best way possible.

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