Relating to Generation Z can be harder than relating to aliens. If words like “boujee,” “finesse” or “cap” sound like gibberish, you probably are having a hard time understanding this unique generation. Keep reading to find out who Gen Z is and ways to better market to this audience.

Who is Generation Z

Generation Z (aka Gen Z, zoomers, or centennials) consist of pre-teens, teenagers and young adults ranging from the ages 10 to 25. They make up a quarter of the United States population and 40% of all the customers.

It is no wonder that Gen Z loves social media. They were handed an iPhone as they exited the womb. They were born on the foundations of high speed internet and had a front row seat to the evolution of social media.

Instagram is the Facebook amongst Gen Z. Business Insider found that 65% of zoomers use Instagram, the largest percentage of any other platform. Facebook is the only social media platform that Gen Z isn’t the largest user segment.

The most popular social media platforms for Gen Z include Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube. Centennials find themselves on these social platforms to cure boredom rather than to keep up with people.

Here are a few ways to use these social media platforms to better cater to Gen Z:


The attention span of Gen Z is eight seconds, which is less than a goldfish (yes, you heard this correctly.) Because of their embarrassingly low attention spans, marketers must become creative when catering to this unique audience.

Video style content is the best way to catch the eyes of Gen Z. TikTok has become a global sensation amongst Gen Z over the past year for its 15-second-videos. This phenomenon is constantly being analyzed by marketers, but if Gen Z is your audience, you need to be utilizing this platform.

Interactive content is another way to stand out to zoomers. They never stop clicking and swiping, and any interactive feature will give you a leg up against competitors. Instagram specifically has many story features to increase interaction.

Do not overpost content. Gen Z does not like their feeds to be clogged by posts from the same brand, which makes having a content calendar to diversify your posts a necessity. Also, Gen Z is always on their smartphones, thus your content should be designed for mobile devices.


eMarketer found that Gen Z is more than twice as likely to follow influencers over brands on Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The influencer you partner with does not have to have millions of followers, but instead look for micro-influencers who are popular in the areas you are trying to reach.

Gen Z does a lot of research before deciding to buy something. They look through reviews and to the people they can trust before spending their money. Even though they may have never met an influencer, they still trust them.

Don’t Hold Back

The world is constantly changing, and Gen Z wants to make a difference. They are not afraid to speak their opinions and express their beliefs when things aren’t sitting right, and neither should your brand.

Gen Z is very passionate about diversity, equality and sustainability, and will rally behind companies who voice their opinions and in return, they put their money where their values are. But, they are also not afraid to “roast” any brand either online or to their friends.

Just like it is important for your brand to understand Gen Z, it is important for Gen Z to understand you. Centennials look for the human side of brands and enjoy to see the fun and humorous sides of companies. Whatever personality your brand has, it should be consistent on all social media platforms.

Gen Z, just like technology, is constantly evolving making it extremely important to stay up-to-date with the trends. Marketing to Gen Z can be confusing, but if you use these tips you will be able to “finesse” this unique audience.

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