Business owners often convince themselves that there’s a right time to begin advertising. They wait around for a new product or service launch, or even until business slows, giving their competitors an edge as time passes. If you have not started advertising for your business because you’re waiting for the “perfect” window, you should rethink your strategy. The best time to start advertising is as soon as possible!

Once you start advertising, you may wonder if it’s better to focus your energy on advertising during a busy season or when business starts to slow down. After all, it’s typical for companies to experience peak and off-seasons throughout the year. Keep reading to learn about each of these tactics and the golden strategy of consistent advertising that will keep you ahead of the competition.

Advertising in Off-Season

The off-season can feel like that week between Christmas and the New Year when you’re waiting for the next big moment to arrive. The truth is: if you want to implement the most effective advertising tactics for your business, don’t let this time slip by. Marketing efforts in slow seasons can keep you top of mind for your customers and ensure you don’t fall behind the competition. It can serve as the optimal time to reach out to new prospects and experiment with other avenues to find customers. Advertise deals to boost sales and keep up with SEO, so your rankings don’t fall. Understand that advertising can often be a long game, so the ideas and plans you make now might not go into effect for a few months. You can embrace the moment to prepare for your upcoming peak season by curating new content and performing market research.

Advertising in Peak Season

Business is booming and you don’t really need an advertising push now, right? Don’t be silly! If your business is flourishing, you want to keep it that way. With an active and engaged audience in hand, the peak season can be a time to gain recommendations from your customer base and increase brand awareness. Cutting back on advertising during your busy season can hurt the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. Stay connected with your social media audience, reply to Google reviews, and build a collection of testimonials to increase your sales. You can also use this time to promote offers that can be redeemed during the off-season and grow your database of leads to leverage when business slows down in the future.

Consistency in Advertising

As Henry Ford once said, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” Advertising is a fluid process that should never cease at a certain time of year. There’s no “right” time to cut down on advertising because doing so could hurt your ROI and make it harder to regain momentum. You can achieve the results you’re seeking by advertising whenever possible. Consistent advertising builds trust with your audience and increases customer loyalty. If you want regular and reliable consumers, keep them thinking about you during peak season and off-season. A year-round marketing strategy will allow you to adjust to the changes and stay connected with your audience. That could look like surveying your customers during peak season and identifying a potential customer segment during the off-season, or setting up marketing automation during a slow season and polishing your reputation during the busy one. Keep your audience from drifting away and stay top of mind for potential leads with consistent advertising and a year-round marketing strategy!

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